In 1999 I started coaching at Crescent Valley High School. At that time all of the valley schools had fairly weak volleyball programs. At a match at South Salem High School, the coach told me that he dreaded coming to Corvallis to play against the 'bottom feeder' schools because it was a waste of their time.

This sentiment motivated me to do something to change that common perception and Mid Valley Volleyball was created. Mid Valley Volleyball was created with the concept of making all the local High School volleyball programs better, not just Crescent Valley's program. One of my core philosophies is that the best impact you can have on a team is to make the people around you better, I simply applied this on a larger scale and adopted the concept of if I want Crescent Valley High School to be better, I need to make all the schools around it better also.

I feel proud to say that I accomplished my goals years ago and Mid Valley has been a positive influence in the growth of volleyball, quality athletes, and quality people for the 15 years that I've ran the club.

I have been fortunate to have led a successful volleyball club and a successful business here in Albany. Although Mid Valley Volleyball has been successful, it is No Dinx that demands so much of my time. No Dinx has, fortunately, gone through a lot of growth lately and I no longer have the ability, referring to time, to manage two businesses and need to step down as director and head coach of Mid Valley Volleyball. In addition we have had several of our lead coaches retire this year, leaving us short handed with our coaching staff.

This has been a very hard decision for me, one that I have labored over with both my wife and daughter, as we all have very strong ties to the club and to the people that have been loyal members with us.

Over the past few years, many different options have emerged in Albany / Corvallis for volleyball training. My best recommendation to you would be to find a replacement club that fits with your goals, values, and standards. I truly believe that Mid Valley has had a very positive influence and I'm sorry that it will no longer be there as an option for you. Personally, I will be taking Paris to Eugene to play for Webfoot. I've known Cathy Nelson (Webfoot Director) for years and feel that she is a person of very high character that has very similar beliefs, goals, values, and integrity to myself. I have spoken with her about the players in my club and she would welcome any Mid Valley players into her club that wish to join. I will have tryout and contact information for Webfoot posted on our club website soon.

I want to thank all of our loyal club members that have been a part of Mid Valley for so many years. It has been an extreme pleasure working with your kids and growing friendships with the families. Also, I would like to thank all of the coaches that I've had for all of their time and dedication to Mid Valley.

I'm very sorry to be sending out this message, hopefully everybody is able to move forward with happy memories.

Corey Barton